Friday, 07 August 2020.

Aylesham carnival court selection nears

29 January, 2020

There’s not long to go until the Miss Aylesham Carnival court selection event on Saturday 15 February.

Local girls aged between seven and 21 years old are invited to take part. This time, the event will be held at St Peter’s Church in Dorman Avenue North. Contestants should be at the church with their parents/guardians by 5.45pm. Doors open from 6pm for the audience. By the end of the evening, 2019’s Miss Aylesham Charlotte O’Sullivan will have handed over her crown to the new queen.

Entry forms can be completed in advance by downloading from the carnival association’s website or completing one on the day. The judges will be seeking a full court of senior and junior queens plus princesses – six places in all.

Association secretary Carla Richardson-Chown said: “Becoming part of the carnival court is very exciting but does bring with it a commitment to attend dozens of events during the year. In fact the new court will hit the ground running as the new girls will be expected to attend Dover’s selection the day after Aylesham.

“During the past year the court has attended 12 carnivals across south east England as well as 25 other events to represent the village. All of the girls in our current court have had a lot of fun and have been terrific ambassadors for Aylesham. They have every right to be proud of what they have achieved.

“All our trophies are on display in a cabinet in the Gooseberry Bush card shop in Market Place.”
“We are really looking forward to meeting girls from Aylesham, Snowdown, Adisham and Nonington wanting to take part.”

For Charlotte O’Sullivan becoming Miss Aylesham a year ago has proved transformational.

During her 12 month term Charlotte, now 17, has attended dozens of events, not just carnivals, in southern England and taken part in pageants including Miss Stardust. She has also been heavily involved in raising hundreds of pounds for local good causes.

“At times I really have been out of my comfort zone – but that is a good thing – and I’ve really enjoyed being Miss Aylesham,” said Charlotte.

She added: “I have grown in confidence over the past year. For example, I’m now much more used to standing up in front of a group of people and speaking to them. Before then, I would have avoided that altogether!

“I’ve been part of the carnival court for the past two years as I was a princess the year before becoming queen. I have some great memories, probably the best being at the head of Aylesham’s own carnival as well as visiting homes in the village to help raise funds for our chosen charities Bechange, the community first responder service and the fire service fund.

“It’s not a burden at all but a great way to meet new friends and build life skills. There is a lot of fun to be had.”

This year’s court can look forward to a new float to ride upon and its members will be able to take a hand in what it looks like before the first carnival of the season at Lydd in June.