Friday, 07 August 2020.

Charity could close without more funding

18 February, 2020

Bechange, the Aylesham based community hub charity which offers help and advice to residents, could close in the spring unless ‘significant financial support’ is forthcoming.

The worrying announcement was made by its Chair Rebecca Hansell at Bechange’s AGM. Giving her annual report to trustees, volunteers and supporters she said the past 12 months had been challenging, both financially and in the level of support it provided to those who requested it.

Rebecca said: “The fact we do not receive any core funding is an issue we have struggled with for many years. There have been times when we have been incredibly close to turning off the lights and shutting the door for the last time. We continue to develop
and adjust with the changing needs of the community we serve.

“Staff, volunteers and trustees are working extremely hard to raise new funds so that our vital and much-needed service can carry on. Any support from the wider community would be very much appreciated. Bechange’s board of trustees will continue to support its staff and volunteers to help them bring positive change to all those who engage with us.”

Bechange, located on the Aylesham Workshop Project Trust site in Ackholt Road, is a community hub which provides social help to adults, young people and children, offering guidance in a range of topics, including benefits and housing, budgeting, family issues and wellbeing. It provides a base for activity groups and training courses to build people’s skills.