Wednesday, 20 February 2019.


This list of frequently asked questions was originally made available at the Aylesham community exhibition, held in St Peters Church on Wednesday 21 September 2016. We hope to add more Qs & As, or expand on existing ones, over time.

How many homes will there be in the next phase of the Aylesham Garden Village development?

Construction of phase 1B is under way with planning permission already granted to Persimmon for 140 homes and Barratt Homes for 277. Persimmon has recently applied to build a further 162 homes  as part of phase 1B. When the development is completed in around eight years time, there will be a total of 1,200 homes.

 How is the funding given by the developers under Section 106 regulations going to be allocated in Aylesham?

More than £250,000 has been secured under Section 106 regulations for open space facilities and youth provision in Aylesham. Dover District Council has invited local organisations including Aylesham Parish Council, the Aylesham & Snowdown Social Welfare Scheme and Aylesham Primary School to consider a range of projects which will need to meet identified local needs.

What’s happening with the block of new shops in Market Place which have been boarded up for the past year?

A number of possible sales have fallen through, although another potential purchaser is currently in active negotiations with the developers.

 Will there be any more play areas in Aylesham in addition to that adjoining the health centre?

Yes, there are plans for five more in the village over the coming years. There will be a neighbourhood park in the development itself; on Milner Crescent; at Hill Crescent; in woodland at Ratling Road and a further play space will also be created along Ratling Road.  A phasing plan at the exhibition highlights where these areas will be located.

What’s happening with the two new roads in Aylesham – why can’t we use them yet?

We are awaiting Kent County Council to formally adopt Colliers Way and Heritage Road. The process is well advanced and completion is imminent. Permitted traffic will be able to use the roads when that happens.

 How much has the infrastructure work in the centre of Aylesham cost?

More than £8 million – carried out by the developers on behalf of Dover District Council. The work has included completely rebuilding a major section of Dorman Avenue North, building Heritage Road and Colliers Way, rebuilding the junction at Spinney Lane with Adisham Road, resurfacing the station car park and improving disabled access at the junctions of the roads with Market Place.

The contractors Gallaghers left Aylesham during August at the end of the major works but its landscaping team has returned to carry out a programme of planting shrubs and trees taking until late October to complete during the planting season. Landscapers will visit Aylesham again early next year to plant snowdrops on grass verges.

When will Aylesham get a war memorial and who is going to pay for it? Designs were drawn up two years ago but nothing much has happened since?

Aylesham Parish Council has approached a company to provide costings and awaits their response. When that is available, the parish council will approach a number of potential funders in the hope they will co-fund the project with the parish council.

What is the latest situation regarding the junction linking Aylesham to the A2?

An independent traffic survey revealed that a larger junction controlled by traffic lights would not be suitable and that a roundabout would be the best option. A popular decision with many Aylesham residents, work is going ahead to establish the land needs of a roundabout here and progress this project during 2017.

 When will work begin to expand Aylesham Primary School?

Planning consent was granted earlier this year and archaeological work is under way on the site. Full operations are due to start towards the end of 2016.  A precise date to start building is not yet known as management of the contract is with the Education Funding Authority.

Is it true I can suggest names for the new roads to be built in the Aylesham Garden Village development?

Yes, you can. The first roads have already been named after different mining connections with Aylesham. Now, Dover District Council is inviting ideas for roads to be named after flowers grown in Kent. For example, you could suggest Rose Way, Pear Tree Close or Hops Gardens. Please email your ideas to

Is there an Aylesham residents’ association I can join or help to set up?

Currently, there are no plans for a residents’ association but if there is sufficient interest, Dover District Council will be happy to help local people set one up.

People have talked about allotments being available in Aylesham. Where will they be located and how can I reserve one?

Dover District and Aylesham Parish Councils are actively working together to identify a site. You can register your interest in having an allotment by contacting the village’s Community Development Officer Emily Barnes via her email who will keep you informed of any progress.

There was a lot of work carried out on the grass verges in Market Place and Dorman Avenue North a month or two ago. Some of them  still look untidy so what’s happening about making them look smarter?

Landscapers from Gallaghers have already started work to seed grass and flowers and will be planting trees during October and November.  They will be back in January to plant snowdrops and other seasonal flowers too.  A copy of the plan can be viewed on the DDC stand at this exhibition.

Will there be a pub coming back to Aylesham sometime? There’s nowhere other than the Welfare or bowls clubs for me to have a drink in the village.

It’s hoped that as the village continues to grow, a pub operator would see the value of investing in Aylesham.

Will there be any improvements to bus and train services as more people move to Aylesham?

Ultimately, that is for the bus and train operators to decide, but Dover District Council has secured Section 106 funding later in the development programme to support public transport.

The area around the train station has been vandalised, couldn’t this have been designed to be more vandal proof?

There is no such thing as a vandal proof station area. The layout has been designed to be attractive and welcoming yet functional and easy to maintain. Unfortunately, it is all too easy for determined persons to snap young trees in half, whatever the surroundings.

There are many litter bins around Market Place but none in the centre of the green recreational area for people to use when using the park.

There are several litter bins in the Market Place gardens within easy reach of anybody using the green space. We encourage people to respect their surroundings and take their litter home with them.

The corner by the Post Office on Dorman Avenue North has double yellow lines extending only for a short distance. People are therefore parking very close to a busy junction. Couldn’t the yellow lines be extended?

This is a situation that can be monitored over time and if the volume of traffic at this junction increases substantially, then further action may be considered by Kent Highways.

The new play area by the health centre is very well used but is never cleaned. Why is there no regular clean up and inspection of the area?

A member of Dover District Council’s team inspects the play area at least twice a week. A street cleaner with a collection barrow visits the play area every morning Monday to Friday. At weekends, a duty crew visits to ensure the area is clean and tidy. Please report any instances of littering  to our customer services team by emailing  and the message will be forwarded to a supervisor. You can also use this link to the DDC website

The name for the new area is Aylesham Garden Village. Where is the “Garden”, or green spaces or trees?

Aylesham is set in picturesque countryside and one only has to walk a short distance from the village to see it and enjoy it. Green spaces have been included in the development plans and one is being constructed there at the moment. Other play areas and green spaces are also planned around Aylesham in the coming years. The wider landscape away from the village is not expected to change. The term ‘garden village’ was coined by Sir Patrick Abercrombie when he designed the original village in the 1920s.

Who is standing up for the needs of Aylesham residents?  Do they have a voice and would a residents’ association make a difference?

Dover District Council and Aylesham Parish Council work closely together with the developers to ensure residents’ needs are fully met while the development is being built. This includes using Section 106 funding money to enhance the village facilities as more houses are completed. Your district councillors Linda Keen and Tommy Johnson are always available to hear from you about any concerns you have.  If you wish to start a residents’ association, DDC will be happy to help you.

Aylesham has a rich history which has made it a real community with values which residents are proud of and make Aylesham the place in which they wish to live. Won’t having more people move here put this at risk?

There is no doubt that Aylesham will grow and change in the years ahead and we understand how unsettling this can be for some residents who have lived in the village for many years.

The growth of the village should provide new opportunities, for example potential new club members for community groups as well as volunteers. The increasing population of Aylesham could also attract a wider range of local businesses and services which will offer more choice for residents and support the local economy.

Comments we have received from many of the people who have invested their money by recently moving to Aylesham remark on what a lovely place it is, how glad they chose to come here and how pleasant the local communities are.

They too are anxious to see its character maintained. To this end a bid for lottery funding has just been submitted to help bring the community together which, if successful, will pay for a major celebration in Aylesham during 2017 to mark its 90th anniversary.