Saturday, 20 October 2018.

Osteopathy now available in Aylesham

14 November, 2017

Aylesham now has its own osteopath who opened for business at the Aylesham Welfare Leisure Centre earlier this month.

Beverley Polson, who graduated from the European School of Osteopathy in 1994, has 23 years clinical experience and runs sessions in the village on Tuesdays and Wednesdays between 8am and 2pm – and hopes to extend these hours soon.

Already, Beverley whose business is called Simply Osteopathy, has been busy in her first couple of weeks and has treated more people than she had anticipated.

When not treating in Aylesham, Beverley is the principle osteopath within a team of five in the village of West Malling, but saw an opportunity to open here when she moved to nearby Staple with her husband Matthew just over a year ago.

She said “Osteopathy can be used to treat problems that have happened recently or have been gradually building for years. Pain can occur due to trauma like a whiplash, stress, day to day life causing tension, posture at work, ageing joints, pregnancy and childbirth. Therefore osteopathy is safe to use on babies to the very elderly and everyone in between.

“People tend not to look forward to their treatment, thinking it’s going to be painful, that they will be twisted in knots and cracked. I treat quite differently, which surprises most patients and they often can’t believe how gentle and relaxing it can be.

“I’m offering free mini neck treatments which are proving very popular, for a limited time only, so you can experience my gentle style of osteopathy for yourselves.

“I love what I do and my patients are everything to me. I’ve been made to feel so welcome by the staff at the leisure centre and by the people I have treated so far. I look forward to meeting you too if you think I can help you.”

Appointments can be made by calling 01732 873114 and speaking to Beverley’s reception team, online at or by messaging her Facebook business page.