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Powered buggy has them bowled over!

7 August, 2019

People with mobility or disability issues can better enjoy playing bowls in Aylesham since the village’s bowling club acquired a purpose designed motorised chair to use on the green.

With its wide wheels, lower height and powerful electric motor, the chair can glide across the club’s carefully tended turf to enable a seated user to cast a wood with ease.

Aylesham & District Community Workshop Trust contributed £1,000 to the £2,500 total and its secretary Derek Garrity took the chance to try out the chair for himself this week, soon after its delivery.

The chair – properly known as a motorised bowling buggy – has been put to good use already over the past few weeks with a number of Aylesham members taking the chance to put it through its paces during matches.

Treasurer Gwladys Wellings said: “It really does make life easier for members to enjoy a game. Being motorised, a person can take it to exactly where they need on the green without relying on someone else to push the chair.”

Pictured: Derek Garrity ready to bowl from the buggy, watched by, from left bowls club President Terry Davis, Treasurer Gwladys Wellings, Workshop Trust manager Lisa Pope, and club Captain Graham Wilkinson.