Friday, 07 August 2020.

Road closure in Milner Crescent next week

16 March, 2020

UK Power Networks carries out work next week in Milner Crescent, Aylesham, to provide a new electricity supply.
It means part of the road will be closed from Monday 30 March until completion which is estimated to be Friday 3 April.

The southern side of Milner Crescent will be closed in the general vicinity of Aylesham House, near the junction with Dorman Avenue South, to the extent indicated on site.

The alternative route for through traffic is via Dorman Avenue South, Market View, Market Place and Boulevard Courrieres.

The one-way Traffic Order in respect of the southern side of Milner Crescent will be suspended when the relevant signs are covered or removed, to allow limited essential access / exit up to where the road is closed.

Due to the nature of the works, the restrictions will need to remain in force at all times.
There is a chance the planned dates may change, and updated information can be found on – [UK Power Networks Permit KZ50020235715], with any changes signposted on site.