Sunday, 29 November 2020.

Your call to report nuisance motorbikes

26 May, 2020

Nuisance and illegally ridden motorbikes seen in and around Aylesham can be reported to Kent Police via its non-emergency number 101 – as can any other form of anti-social behaviour.

Warmer, drier weather has seen an increase in the number of motorbikes ridden around the village, sometimes illegally and many residents are concerned these bikes could be involved in an accident.

Aylesham’s PCSO Emma Carmichael said: “Please can people continue to report incidents through the 101 system where calls will be logged and given a reference number. Any description of the bikes and their riders always helps, along with where you saw them.”

Previous police action in the village has led to a number of motorbikes being confiscated and riders fined.